Best flea and tick prevention for dogs – prevention is key

I have seen this time and time again and I can’t help but let it grind my gears when I do see it. I’m at a friend or family member’s home and their dog is itching up a storm. Or maybe their gnawing at their backside. What could be the reason? Are they just addicted to reaching that itch they can never scratch? No, the truth of the matter is that they have the dreaded pest known as fleas. 

Even worse is when I go to pet a dog and find my fingers rubbing across the bulbous and grotesque body of a tick that has sunk it’s vampiric little mouth into their skin. Gross! I want to take some time to discuss the best flea and tick prevention for dogs because not only is it important from a hygenic stand point but frankly, it is important to your dogs health as well! I also hope to go over some general information below regarding flea and tick medication. 

My dog is indoors – why does it matter?

A lot of people have a common misunderstanding of what it means to be safe from fleas and ticks. They think that because their dog is an inside dog that it is impossible for them to track in any of those nasty pests. There is a very good reason why ANY veterinarian will tell you that prevention is key! 

Even if you do have an inside dog, it is still very possible and very likely that they will bring in pests from outdoors. How? It is very simple. Think about how many times a day you take your dog for a walk, or let it into the backyard to go to the bathroom. Even though they’re an indoor dog overall, they still have plenty of chances to contract those pests. Fleas tend to live in shaded areas outdoors. They multiply very fast and they hide away in places where your dog may naturally go to escape the heat of the sun on a hot day. 

The fact that fleas breed in these shaded places means that they’re more likely to catch a ride on your dog while it is outside, even if for a short time. As for ticks, well they can be found in just as many places, They usually will live in grass or woods and the sort. Be extra vigilent if you live beside a wooded area. Your dog can very easily bring these little monsters inside, and then you will have a big problem!

Top listed flea and tick meds – Which is right for me?

One of the more expensive flea medications comes in the form of Comfortis. This is a chewable tablet for your dog, though you may want to wrap it in a treat such as a pill pocket. It runs around $90 $100 on for a six month supply. Though it is on the more expensive side, I can say from personal experience with a dog that has a flea allergy, it is worth it!

Another brand you will most likely see when you’re shopping for medication is Advantage. This flea medication has been around for quite a while and it is a topical medication. This means that it is applied directly to the skin of your dog. Statisically speaking, it does not work quite as well as Comfortis but for the price it may be worth it for you. Coming in at around $60 on average for a six month supply, it may be worth it for you.

The third flea brand I want to discuss is FrontLine. FrontLine a few different incarnations, from FrontLine Plus to Gold and runs around $68 and $45 respectivally. It covers fleas, ticks, and chewing lice as well. The main problem I see pretty often i that FrontLine doesn’t work all that well anymore. FrontLine has been around for over twenty years, being one of the older brands of flea and tick prevention. That may sound great at first, because obviously if it is that old it must do its job, right? 

The problem with a flea medication that has been out on the market for so long is that it loses effectiveness. Fleas and ticks, like any other pest in the wild, build up a tolerance to the pesticide in the flea medication. This can be a problem, considering that price of it and the chances of it not working for you. That isn’t to say that it NEVER works. On the contrary, a majority of people who use it have no issues with it. But as the years go by, it gradually will continue to lose its effectiveness. 

Now, on to the tick medication. As I just previously mention, FrontLine is a flea and tick combination medication. This can be great if you’re in need of watching how much you spend, since medications for your dog can very quickly add up. There is also a brand known as Bravecto. This runs around $55 and is a chewable tablet. The great thing about most, not all, but most flea medications is that they cover tick infestations as well. This is great for the frugal spender who still wants to ensure that their dog is safe!

Are meds dangerous? – Knowing the facts

This is the questions we all want an answer to. Are your pet meds safe? The overall answer to this is absolutely, yes. The FDA has reported previously that flea and tick medications could lead to seizures due to a chemical known as Isoxazoline. This chemical is meant to effectively paralyze the pests and kill them, but according the FDA this chemical is slowly taken into the dogs body as well over time and has reportedly lead to seizures and other health concerns. Now while this may sound absolutely terrifying this is a very rare situation and by no means the normal in society.

It is important to always read the labels of the medication you purchase to look out for any chemicals that you may be concerned about. But the minute risk involved is not something I would personally be that concerned about. Really any medicine, for animals or humans, runs some sort of risk for adverse effects. In most cases it is such a small risk percentage that you would never blink an eye.

Flea and tick collars – Do they work?

Flea Collars are special collars that you put on your dogs neck that prevent fleas and ticks for up to twelve months in some cases. There are a few different types, from insecticide collars that that is absorbed into the skin of your pet, to a collar that uses frequency wave lengths to keep fleas away. There have been many discussions regarding the safety of flea and tick collars, as well as their effeciency. There have been many reported cases of the toxins that the collars use actually causing animals harm, or even death. There are some natural options out there as well. But overall I would recommend against collars due to their high risk of adverse health effects towards dogs. 

Why prevention is so important

Prevention isn’t just for your animals. It is also for you. Fleas are incredibly aggravating pests that will bite you to no end and are incredibly difficult to get rid of once they’ve made a home in your house. They breed very rapidly as well. A female flea can breed thousands upon thousands of eggs in her life. This equates to a literal army of biting, jumping, itch inducing pests in your home. Though their disease factor is low, they can cause dermititis in humans, and were actually carriers of the Plague, which lead to the Black Death In Europe in the 1300’s. 

Ticks are much more dangerous pests to bring into your home. They carry several different types of diseases and bacteria that are dangerous to both our pets and us. Lyme Disease is just one of the many diseases. For those who don’t know, according the the CDC, Lyme Disease is a bacterium that is contracted by ticks. It can lead to an infection that will reach from our joints, to our hearts, and even our nervous system. This is a terrifying thought to process. This is why it is so important to take care of our dogs. Not just for their sake, but for ours as well.

I hope that I have helped you to better understand the best flea and tick prevention for dogs as well as their benefits and the health risks involved in not keeping your dog covered. Please feel free to comment on this, and I will answer any questions that you might have.


Indestructible dog toys – cost efficiency and long life

I have gone over the idea of what exactly may be the best toy for your dog before. Now I would like to talk about something a little more interesting. There are so many types of dog toys out there on the market. Everything from dog plushies (my personal favorite for their soft touch and pleasant appeal) to rawhides (one toy I wouldn’t typically recommend due to the potential for harming your dog).

But for some people, buying toys over and over for their dog can be costly and aggravating. Let’s take a few minutes to discuss an alternative solution. If you’re looking for a toy to last a lifetime (or close to it), give some consideration to this list of indestructible dog toys and see if any spark your interest.

Kongs – for the curious dog

Kongs are specially made dog toys that really come in handy when you’re looking to catch your dogs attention for long periods of time. They come complete with a hole that reaches through their center. This hole can be filled with dog treats, peanut butter, or anything else that may fit into it. Fill the Kong and watch as your dog goes to town on it for long periods of time.

The great thing about Kongs is that they’re basically the superman of dog toys. Made from a highly durable rubber material, there isn’t much that can break through a Kong. And you can be sure that it will hold your dogs attention for quite some time. They will try their hardest to get at whatever it is that you’ve stuffed inside the Kong. You just need to remember to clean it out afterward so that it doesn’t get nasty!

Rope toys – Tug ‘o war, anyone?

The classic rope toy. I remember grabbing one of these, putting one side in my mouth (don’t judge, I was a kid!) and playing tug ‘o war with my dog, Buster. He absolutely loved his rope toy. Eventually it did wear out but it lasted far longer than I had expected, considering his rough play with it. These rope toys seem to get better and better too. The material that they use make for a very durable toy and, depending on the brand, can last a very long time. You just have to make sure that you don’t tug too hard on it.

It’s always important to watch for your dogs health with any toy, as you would hate to cause jaw pain. Rope toys are definitely contenders for this list of indestructible dog toys and they have been for many years. Though, if you have any overly aggressive dog when it comes to toy chewing you may still find yourself having to buy a new one occasionally.

Knot plushies – the hybrid toy

One toy that always comes to mind as a great and durable one is the knot plushies. These types of toys are a sort of hybrid toy in that many times their body is made like a normal plush animal, while their limbs and sometimes their head, are made from knotted fibers similar to a rope toy. They come in all kinds of shapes and forms just like a normal plushie would with the added bonus of being much more durable. For those dogs who tend to tear their plushies to pieces and leave the living room looking like a war zone, this toy may be the way to go. They are also great for tug ‘o war and playing fetch as well.

One thing I really like to do when I want to get one of these, or a regular plush animal, is to take my dog with me to the store (ones that allow dogs in them) and let them pick out this toy their self! A dog knows best, as some philosopher somewhere once said. My dog is very drawn to ducks and always picks them over any other type of plush. She also really enjoys the knotted plushies because they give her a chance to really gnaw and go to town on her toy without ripping it to shreds.

Toy Balls – The tried and true

You seem them in all the Hollywood movies, on commercials, on the internet, and even in magazines (yes, they still exist). Toy balls have come a LONG way from the old-fashioned tennis ball, or, in the case of the movie the Sandlot, a baseball. There are ball toys nowadays that are incredibly durable and night unbreakable. Great for playing fetch or what I sometimes call couch toss, which is basically sitting on the couch and launching the ball across the house for you dog, these toys never really get old.

You do want to make sure you get one that is big enough for your dog though. Getting a much smaller ball than your dogs mouth could lead to an accidental choking hazard and that is one thing you definitely never want to experience. Toy balls are excellent for hyper dogs and you will probably see them coming back over and over again for another round of fetch.

So which is the best?

When it comes to choosing a tough and long-lasting dog toy, the main points to look out for are safety, cost, and interest. Is it known as a safe toy for dogs in general? Does it cost a reasonable price? And how well do you think it will keep your dogs attention? This all plays a role. No one toy is generally better than the other if you let your dog decide which one they want, but you can definitely ensure that you don’t bring one home that isn’t a very safe option.

Don’t go out spending hundreds of dollars on toys that will be torn apart in a few weeks either! Seek out really durable toys that will last your dog months or more. What toys do you lean toward when picking them out for your dog? Do you have any favorites? Let me know in the comments.

Best Regards,

Puppy with toy


Best dog breeds for families – finding the right match

One of the most hotly debated discussions when it comes to deciding what sort of dog to get for your family is what breed you should get. There are currently over 300 breeds of dogs in the world today. This is a huge number when it comes to deciding which breed is right for you. I want to take a little bit of time to discuss the best dog breeds for families and hopefully, help you to better decide which dog is the right choice for you. It can be a heavy undertaking but with the right insight, there is no reason to feel overwhelmed by the decision. Here are a few different dog breeds and some interesting information about them. Pit-bull-breeds

Pit Bulls – misunderstood and underrated

Contrary to popular belief, in no thanks to overly scandalized new reports, Pit Bulls are not the dangerous breed that many people assume they are. Personally, I have had Pit Bulls almost my entire life. I can tell you without a doubt that I have felt more anxious around a Pomeranian than a Pit Bull (on multiple occasions).

What a lot of people don’t realize is that the breed term Pit Bull is actually a generalized umbrella term for a few different breeds of dog. This is extremely important because deciding what the best dog breed for families might mean taking everything into consideration when understanding the different breeds.

Of the Pit Bull breed, there are a few well-known types of dog that people may or may not realize are technically considered Pit Bull.

  1. American Pit Bull Terrier
  2. American Staffordshire Terrier
  3. American Bully
  4. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

These are all rather well-known types of dogs and they are all listed under the umbrella term Pit Bull. It can be easy for people to imagine a Pit Bull as a very specific type of dog. The wide-shouldered, big pawed, large jawed brute. This is a common misconception. In fact, many shelter dogs tend to have this stereotypical look and are listed as Pit Bulls when they are actually a mixed breed with unknown breed origins. Pit Bulls can be very protective of their families, as well as children. They are incredibly affectionate and usually are couch potatoes.

Labrador Retrievers – The hyper kid on the field

One of the most common breeds of dog owned by families in the United States is the affable Labrador Retriever. Most people, when considering what breed of dog to bring home, likely will choose this easy-going breed. Labradors generally have a great personality; happy-go-lucky and always ready to play. They are incredibly good for children of any age.

Labrador Retrievers love to play, play, play! They are battery-powered fur balls, especially when they are puppies. They’re also incredibly smart and so even-tempered that they tend to be used in professional capacities as well. They work alongside their two-legged companions doing anything from working as an assistant to disabled people to working as therapy dogs. They are incredibly loving and playful and kids always have a great time with them, though sometimes they can get overactive as puppies.

Another thing to consider when it comes to this breed is that they are considered bottomless pits when it comes to their food bowls. Many Labradors have a tendency to eat and eat and become overweight very easily. It is very important to always maintain vigilance when it comes to ensuring that your Lab stays fit and healthy. There are many different types of specialized food bowls that you can purchase that will actually help slow this rapid eater. Also, it is important to keep them active as they get older because they may turn into a rather lazy dog sometimes, which also lends to their obesity down the line.

Siberian Huskies – fluffy not husky

One of my favorite breeds is the Siberian Husky. They have beautiful coats and striking eyes. They originated in Russia but they have been in America for a very long time. The dogs are incredibly smart, agile, and active. It is very important that, before considering bringing this breed home, you have the time to really commit to give this breed all of the attention it requires. If you are the type of family that is not home that often or spends a lot of time out, this breed may not be right for you.

Siberian Huskies require a LOT of activity. Keeping them cooped up for long periods will lead to your house being torn apart like a tornado ran through it. When kept pent up, Siberian Huskies can let out their energy in destructive ways. Chewing, digging, and ripping apart pillows and blankets are all things you may come home to if you don’t give them the special attention they crave.

You also have to consider that they are incredibly intelligent. They know well how to dig under fences, climb over them, and are known for being escape artists almost on par with Houdini. Also, being that they have such thick coats it is highly recommended that, if you live in a particularly hot climate, you should always consider that they can overheat very quickly outdoors. In the end, Siberian Huskies can make excellent family pets, if you are willing to put in the time and effort to make them happy.

Boxers – same name different paw

Ignore that bad attempt at a boxing joke above. Boxers are a special breed of dog. I have never met another breed that is so absolutely adorable in many ways. But you have to keep in mind that they are also incredibly headstrong dogs. When it comes to deciding the best dog breeds for families, you should highly consider that fact that this breed, although incredibly lovable and playful (sometimes to a fault) they can be incredibly distrusting when it comes to people they do not know. Considering that they are known for being protective of their family, they make a guard dog based on looks alone. They may look fierce at times but they are truly big babies.

Boxers are also very much known for being very hard to train. They have a tendency to be very stubborn and because of this trait they are often branded as “dumb dogs” or “bad dogs”. In truth, with the right positive training and effort put into them, Boxers make wonderful companions for families. They are incredibly patient dogs and are friendly with other dogs as well. As with Huskies and Labradors, they can be high on the activity level gauge. It is important to give them plenty of exercise as to avoid bad behaviors that they are often times associated with.

Where to go from here?

There are hundreds of different breeds in the world currently, and I have only listed a few of them. When it comes down to choosing a dog for your family, always remember to do your research and bring your kids along with you to see how the dog interacts with them. I also can’t stress enough the importance of making a trip to your local shelter. Millions of dogs enter into the shelter system every single year in the United States and that is not a number to scoff at. These dogs require a loving and compassionate home.

While you may not find the exact breed you had expected to bring home, you may find yourself connecting with a dog in the shelter. Many times these dogs were abandoned by their original human families and left to fend for themselves. All they really want and need is a loving hand to pet them and scratch their backside. It is sad to say that around 670,000+ dogs are euthanized every single year because the shelters are simply overflowing and cannot keep up with their intake. Please consider everything I’ve said above when deciding which breed is best for you, and remember that a loving dog companion is only right around the corner. Be the angel in their life.

If you have any thoughts on this or would like to know, please feel free to leave a comment. I’m happy to discuss anything you would like to know and hopefully help you to further decide what dog companion will be right for you.

It’s ruff out there, but we can make it better!


Puppy clothes – The puppy wears Prada

I’m sure you’ve seen them while out on the town. Divas, fashionistas, and debutantes. These pups know how to strut their stuff! One of the most fun and entertaining things you can do with your puppy is dress them up for certain occasions. As my dog would say, some girls want chew toys but others want dresses. Let’s go over a few different kinds of puppy clothes that are fun and exciting.


Seasonal costumes – elves, spiders, and turkeys, oh my!

Here we go. The outfits that you see in almost every single store you walk into around different holidays. That’s right! Santas little helper. The Great Pumpkin. The little Turkey that could. Almost every big holiday allows stores to show off different kinds of outfits for our fur babies. And frankly, I’m not complaining. Who doesn’t want to listen to their little puppy running around with tiny elf bells on his or her backside? How about little adorable horns or a spider outfit to spook out neighbors around Halloween? They’re the best.

You could even try to act out your favorite movies with interest riffs on their titles. Think along the lines of The Rocky Horror Puppy Show, Star Wars: The Last Puppy, or The puppy wears prada. The great thing when it comes to holidays is that you can really get creative with their outfits. There are so many options out there and you could even make your own at home.

When it thunders your puppy roars

You may have noticed it at some point. Or maybe you have been lucky enough to not have it happen. The rain starts, lightening flashes, and thunder booms and rocks the windows. Your puppy goes from happy and excited to terrified. They vanish from sight. Under a bed, behind a couch, in a closet somewhere. You have to search everywhere and try to calm them down. There are actually outfits to help calm them in these situations.

These special puppy clothes are rather interesting anxiety wrap jackets for especially nervous or jittery dogs. It is a good way to calm them during a storm or when you leave the house because it gives them a sense of comfort and closeness. It makes them feel like they’re being held. It is important to check your dogs weight and size and always get the right size jacket thought. You don’t want to make them uncomfortable!

Doggy diapers – Life Savers

A great little invention for newborn puppies, disabled dogs, and senior dogs as well, are doggy diapers. There are a few situations when you may need to employ this tactic and they are always very easy to use and work with. I would like to go ahead and mention a few of the situations in which you may find yourself in need of a doggy diaper.

  • Puppy Potty Problems – Sometimes certain puppies can tend to be very stubborn about using the bathroom in the house. Crate training is a gem. But nothing is full proof. Several factors can go into the reasoning for this. It could be a behavioral issue that you need to work through with your puppy. Or they could be having a hard time understanding the rules of bathroom activities. Either way a doggy diaper can really help in this situation.
  • Senior Dogs and Senior Moments – As dogs get older, they can become a bit senile and forgetful just like any human counterpart. They might forget to eat or drink their water and they may also forget how to hold their bladder as well. You may start to notice that you come home to pee or worse on the floor. While this is a natural part of dogs growing older, it can still be frustrating for the pet owner. The best solution, once you have ruled out any health reasons other than old age, is to bring home some doggy diapers. You will find that they work miracles.
  • Disabled dogs rule the world – Many people shy away from disabled dogs. They worry that it will be too much work. Or maybe they fear that they can’t take on the special needs that the dog might require. I can tell you from personal experience that disabled dogs are some of the best animal companions ever. They’re no different than any other dog. I’d say that they tend to be overly compassionate and loving because they know how lucky they really are to have someone want them in their life. One downside to disabled dogs is that some, not all, may have issues holding their bladders or using the bathroom on their own. Doggy diapers are an absolute life saver in these situations. Your furry companion will thank you.

Give it some flair

Like my favorite celebrity icon, Ruff Paul says, if you can’t love your puppies outfit, how in the world are you gonna leave the house? There are so many different reasons and situations where puppy clothes may be either used for fun or used as a necessity. It is always very important to ensure that whatever you get for your puppy is comfortable and breathable. If you live in a warm climate area then you really need to be sure that even though the outfit may be adorable your puppy probably shouldn’t wear it out in the heat of the day. The last thing that you want is for your dog to get overheated because you were negligent!

There are more options than you can count for adorable outfits for your furry companion and I only covered a few of them. Even if you think that maybe it isn’t something you’d want to do, you should try out an outfit or two and see how you (and your puppy) like it You never know, your fur baby might start to strut their stuff right down the runway if you let them.

I really believe that giving your companion something cute like this will not only make them shine like a bright star but also give them a sense of excitement. It would be like a security blanket for them. They’ll smell your scent on it all the time. And in the end all we want is for our puppy sons and daughters to be happy.

Best chew toys for puppies – Fun with pets

newborn-puppies Whether you’ve only just found your little furry companion, or you’re planning on getting one sometime in the future, there are a lot of things that you will find yourself having to do in order to ensure maximum comfort and play for your little puppy. It may seem pretty straight forward, but when you think about it puppies can be a lot of work! And it is no different from taking care of a small child. Only, the puppy can’t let you know when it is bored or upset the way a child might.

I’m going to discuss several aspects of introductory puppy care from the best chew toys for puppies to their need for play and excitement. It can be a lot more complicated than you might think when it comes down to the details of this. Your puppies personality and activity level effect so much of how and how much you should play with them, as well as which toys they may really enjoy and which ones they might turn their snouts up at.

I will try to break this all down as best as I can. I sincerely hope that, after you’ve read this, you will have gained a better insight into your puppies wants and needs. Understanding what satisfies your puppy is a key aspect of being their parent. It also is the best way to really let loose and have fun with them!

The right toy for your little companion

I know what you may be thinking; it can’t be that complicated, can it? I’m about to open your eyes to a whole wide world of puppy play! Can you believe that there was once a time when the only reasonable toy people could get their dog was a spiral of rope to tug on? Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a good game of tug-of-war with my dog as much as the next person, but overuse of these can really do a number on your jaw! And your dogs jaw too.

Most people probably don’t consider the importance of the toys they get for their new puppy. There are so many options nowadays and it can be a bit overwhelming to go into the store, be it a retail giant, a pet store, or an online retailer, and try to find the right toy. The perfect toy sometimes sticks out to you immediately. Other times it is like searching for a needle in a hay stack. Let’s look at some options and discuss the pros and cons that I personally have found with them through my years as a dog owner.

  • Rawhides; nature’s jaw breaker – The thing about raw hides, and really any other similar hard bony toy, is that it can be extremely tough on your dogs teeth. With your fur baby in particular, you really need to stop and consider if these are the best chew toys for puppies. The natural instinct in your dog will be to gnaw on the bone, or horn, or whatever sort of form the rawhide may come in. Personally, I have had situations with multiple dogs in the past where they would chew and chew on the rawhide until their gums bled or their mouths were too sore for them to eat their normal food.
  • Bouncy balls; keep it rolling – An evolution of the old time tennis ball, but in many sizes and colors. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it. Your puppies interest in bouncy balls are really going to have a lot to do with two things. First there is his/her attention span. Some dogs tend to not have a strong enough attention span to understand that they actually need to run after the ball or bring it back once it;s thrown. The second thing to consider is whether your dog is a catcher. This means that your dog may not be the type to want to play fetch with you. Sure, they may race after the ball like it stole their last treat, but they probably won’t bring it back to you.
  • Plushies; a pet for your pet – I don’t want to seem biased her, but personally I have had the most luck with these adorable little chew toys. They do come in many types and forms. It almost never fails; I bring home a new plushie and my dog adores it. Puppies tend to carry them everywhere and treat them like their sibling if it looks like a dog itself! There are all kinds of animal plushies (my dog prefers ducks) and you can also get one’s that have cotton inside or nothing inside, if you don’t want a mess to clean up. It may not be the best chew toys for puppies at the end of the day, but it has always certainly been my most successful puppy toy overall.

A Day in the sun

You’ve finally found it; your puppies new toy! Is it a ball? A plushie? A tugging rope? Maybe even that tough old rawhide! Either way, what do you do next? Dogs are just like children. They need stimulation. When it comes to a puppy, you can scale that up 1000%. Puppies are little battery powered fur machines. Several things may start to happen if you don’t give them the stimulation that they need.

  • They might start chewing on furniture, rugs, or shoes. This is a huge no-no for any dog owner and can be a seriously dangerous habit. A puppy doesn’t know the difference between what they should eat and what they shouldn’t.
  • There is a high likelihood that they may keep you up all night! A tired puppy is a good puppy. If your puppy spends all day cooped up with nothing to do and no stimulation then be prepared to be kept up all night by a hyper and energized pup! Make sure you play with them. Whichever toy you’ve chosen that you believe is the best chew toy for puppies, remember to dedicate plenty of time to tuckering out that little fur ball.

One easy way to really give your dog the stimulation that it will most certainly crave is to go outside and play. Not only will this sort of activity be good for your pup but it will also be good for you. It never hurts to be active and get some exercise. Get out there and have some wonderful bonding time with your little guy or gal and enjoy a day in the sun. You’ll never regret it. Just always remember that just like you, your dog needs to stay hydrated. I always try to bring a small bowl and a bottle of cool water. It helps if you keep it in a cold lunchbox so that it doesn’t get hot. If your dog seems thirsty, simply pour a little water from the bottle to see if they want a drink.

Potty training tips and tricks

One thing that a lot of people seem to struggle with is potty training that new puppy. It comes home and checks out its new surroundings, and would you believe it? Your pup sees it as one big play pin and bathroom. Not always, but pretty much so. Your puppy doesn’t understand the idea that he or she should go outside to go pee. This is a very easy habit to instill and yet a lot of people struggle with it.

One tactic I have always had 100% awesome results with is crate training. Buy a decent sized crate; not too big and definitely not too small. Consider that your puppy will grow so make sure that you get one that they will still be comfortable in for a few months. The goal is very simple. You want them to stop using the bathroom in the house.

The old saying “don’t eat where you sleep” might come to mind. It is the same for your puppy going potty. They are much more likely to hold their bladder in a crate because that is where they sleep. Make sure to keep them in overnight for a while until they really start to comprehend the idea that they go outside and not in the house. They won’t want to sleep right next to their bathroom accident.

One way that I have found keeps them from becoming anxious and whining or barking at night while in their crate is to make sure it is cozy. Put a few small blankets or a dog bed inside the crate. And most importantly, take that favorite toy of theirs and make sure it is right by their side. This will ensure that they are comfortable and happy.

Bathtime equals funtime

Oh, bathtime; the bane of many dog owners. This is where things get messy for a lot of people! Some dogs like water. Some dogs hate it. Some are just plain afraid of it. The best tip in the world that I can give you, in regard to bathtime, is to start right away with your new puppy companion. Get them in the bath and get them used to the sound of the water and the feel of it. Make it an exciting time for them rather than just something they’re forced into. Some people like to take a little peanut butter and dab it onto the side of the tub. The puppy will be so entranced by the peanut butter that they won’t care about the water.

A great tactic for making their bathtime a whole lot of fun for them is to bring along a small and water safe toy. In these situations the puppy may associate bathtime with playtime and you can’t go wrong there. If you make sure to start early, and always make it a fun and easy experience then you shouldn’t ever have much trouble with bathtime. It can be a great bonding session as well. Give your dog plenty of ear scratches and kisses while they enjoy their bath!

Importance of keeping your puppy happy

When all is said and done, the most important aspect of dealing with a puppy is keeping them happy. If your puppy is happy, you’ll be happy. A tense or stressed dog can lead to all kinds of attitude issues and bad habits. Make sure that they understand that while you’re their owner and alpha, you’re also their best buddy in the whole world. You can never give enough love and affection to your little furry friend.

It can take a lot of work and dedication to be the proud parent of a little puppy. But when all is said and done, it really is a life changing experience. You’ll never regret making the choice to be a pet parent. They have a way of really getting into our hearts and filling us with joy and compassion. It is only fair that we give them the same in return. A happy puppy is a happy home, as they say.

About Corey

Hey there and welcome to my website, Pup Plushies. It can often be hard to find the right toy for a puppy. You know the one! The one they never let out of their sight! The toy that they fall asleep with during their many naps throughout the day. I’ve found over time that the fluffier and more welcoming the toy is, the more a puppy will enjoy it. I really want to help people find that perfect toy for their fur baby at the end of the day.

A Little Story About Me

Growing up I cannot think of a single time in my life that I didn’t have a pet. From cats to birds and even lizards. I was always a genuine animal lover. But what anyone who really knows me will agree with is that dogs were always a step above the rest for me. I don’t know why but I always had a much stronger connection with them. Even mean dogs seemed to like me!

Growing up I had a puppy that had a serious issue with his jaw after an incident with a car. It was a very scary time, but he came through as happy as ever; except that his jaw had never healed properly. He had trouble with tough toys. Kongs, rope toys, chew bones even. The only toy he ever really loved was a small blue teddy bear plush for puppies. He loved that toy like no other. My pup would run around with it in his mouth nonstop. My pup would sleep with it at night and take it with him outside as well. The rascal that little plushy toy for years and never stopped loving it.

A Dogs Life

Dogs are such important companions for so many people all across the world. They’re more than just animals or pets. For most people they’re truly part of the family. I consider my dog to be like my own kid. They each are so individual and personable. I like to believe that there is a wonderful canine companion out there for everyone. There isn’t much in the world more cute than a little puppy! They’re in this for the long haul with us. In their eyes we can never do wrong, and that is so amazing to me.

Every dog has its day

At the end of the day, when I look for a new toy for my pup, I want to find something that they will fawn over constantly. That can be difficult. A lot of toys are either not interesting enough for the dog, or aren’t really that ‘dog friendly’. It can be difficult to find the right toy. We all want to make sure that we are buying something fun for our puppy, but we also want to make sure that it is safe and won’t make a huge mess either!

We all want to give our pups the best life we can, because they’re family.

So please, take a look around and see what we have to offer. Feel free to share any insights you may have as well!

Best Regards,


Founder of Pup Plushies